Sorry lady’s & gents…could I be anymore of a dork (that’s so type!). I’ll try to hold back on the nerd on word explanations from now on.

Non the less, I’ve always enjoyed a good Type or Shadow; when brought up they always seem to shine a light on scripture,  intertwining history together for a picture of the deeper and richer understanding in the gospel.

Please consider the link below in all its informative fashion.


Type is verified in all these cases: a person, a thing, or an action, having its own independent and absolute existence, but at the same time intended by God to prefigure a future person, thing, or action.

You may want to leave now ’cause this may take a while. I’ve never had to pick a “type” before, oh boy I’m thrilled. So many types of types to choose from and so small of a brain to work with, how will I ever decide? Mary.

That’s right, and I’ll say it again…Mary. Why not? Is she not your type? Too old for ya maybe? I don’t know who you had in mind but I was referring to our Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God. Wow this is going to be great fun…for all I hope.

A little off subject I know but I just have to say…by golly I am flippin tired. The kind of tired when your eyeballs sting. So if you don’t mind I am going to bed. If you still have the patience by the time I wake up and get to learning and writing some more, I’ve just recently demolished my brain to make room for a much larger trustworthy version. And you’re still more than welcome to help with the process of reconstruction if you’d like, or just watch from afar.

Goodnight everyone!