Sorry lady’s & gents…could I be anymore of a dork (that’s so type!). I’ll try to hold back on the nerd on word explanations from now on.

Non the less, I’ve always enjoyed a good Type or Shadow; when brought up they always seem to shine a light on scripture,  intertwining history together for a picture of the deeper and richer understanding in the gospel.

Please consider the link below in all its informative fashion.


Type is verified in all these cases: a person, a thing, or an action, having its own independent and absolute existence, but at the same time intended by God to prefigure a future person, thing, or action.

You may want to leave now ’cause this may take a while. I’ve never had to pick a “type” before, oh boy I’m thrilled. So many types of types to choose from and so small of a brain to work with, how will I ever decide? Mary.

That’s right, and I’ll say it again…Mary. Why not? Is she not your type? Too old for ya maybe? I don’t know who you had in mind but I was referring to our Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God. Wow this is going to be great fun…for all I hope.

A little off subject I know but I just have to say…by golly I am flippin tired. The kind of tired when your eyeballs sting. So if you don’t mind I am going to bed. If you still have the patience by the time I wake up and get to learning and writing some more, I’ve just recently demolished my brain to make room for a much larger trustworthy version. And you’re still more than welcome to help with the process of reconstruction if you’d like, or just watch from afar.

Goodnight everyone!


Good day to you, my name is Paula and I’m happily married to a smart, handsome, bearded man whom we all call Eric. I grew up being the second oldest of six kinsfolk.

Brought up by my caring parents Steve and Anna, I was baptized in a Four Square Church and we stayed there up until I was 15. My father than lovingly re-transplanted us to more fertile ground where I became a member of the United Reformed Church. Found my husband(or he found me), and was married in the church at age 20.

This smart, handsome, bearded man of mine Eric, likes to talk, which is good, because he’s wonderful to listen to and clarifies subjects quite well. Recently he started learning and reading about the Catholic Church. So naturally he started talking about it in all clarity, and I listened, listened some more… and my ears perk up with the eyebrows raised…can you say that again?

And I’m like…oh really…uh,ha…soooo…that means…ohhhh!…wow…holy moly…I’ve never thought about it that way…but what about?…well that explains it!…well that’s not as crazy as people make it out to be…so your saying?…ohhhh…how come I’ve never heard that before?…that’s in the Bible?…REALLY!??! So…

…I think I agree with the Roman Catholic Church?…I read and listened some more…OK, so I agree with all I’ve heard about it so far…%*@%#$?!#!

That’s what I was thinking %*@%#$?!#! Just like that, the few facts and truths which were brought to my attention had suddenly switched  the carnal skewed view I held about the Catholic Church, and was oh so suddenly transformed into a utopia of warmth my heart and mind were now craving for.

Where do I go from here?! I can’t go back to what I thought at the time were the correct teachings, not after they’ve been lovingly stamped out one by one. Now that my eyes have been opened, my brain rattled in aw and my heart filled with warmth of the truths which I’m now reading and listening to; the truths and riches of which I’m an heir! I wanted more of the teachings my husband was sharing with me.

Gosh…I was thinking, that quick uh? I felt like I was turning on a Church that so lovingly taught me about the Word of God from Sunday to Sunday. Kind of like a kid growing up and wanting to move out the day they turn 18. You know you love your parents and siblings; they brought you up, cared for you and fed you. Than you find a box hidden in the hallway closet with your adoption papers stuffed in it, knowing your family had no intention telling you about the ancestry and birthright to which you rightly belong.  I felt beguiled in some ways, mostly thankful though, through God’s providence in all of this He has led me to believe and love my new found family, as well as value the means that were used to get me here. I’m ready to move out so to speak, into my new home with my divine family, in hopes that God will keep me by His sanctifying grace in Christ Jesus our Heavenly Father.

So the reason for me blabbing on this here blog? I’m EXCITED!!!! I want to share what little I’ve learned so far and want to continue learning and hopefully growing with others. It’s like I found a store house of riches and wealth and I want to share it all! You should be excited too! Please blab yourself, ask, comment and hope that we may together grow in the teachings graciously given in God’s Word and through His Church.

Sola Verbum Dei (from the Word of God alone)